Uh Huh Her

Some more cool tunes popped up in my inbox! I got an email about Uh Huh Her, an electro-pop duo consisting of Leisha Hailey (probably best known as Alice on The L Word) and Camila Grey (a musician who has worked with artists as diverse as Busta Rhymes and Kelly Osbourne!) and who are releasing their debut album, Common Reaction, on August 19. Mark your calendars, because this is one album you won’t want to miss.

In the email, I was linked to the first single “Not A Love Song” on imeem – and what an introduction! This is one song that you’ll want to listen to over and over again. The vocals are sweet but assertive and it’s lushly produced with guitars and synths playing in harmony. Punchy, ultra-catchy, and even illustrated with a nifty video, “Not A Love Song” is an excellent way to get to know Uh Huh Her.

15I checked out the whole album and I was really impressed. The brilliant quality of “Not A Love Song” is maintained across Common Reaction, and each track, from the sexily aching “Explode” to the beautifully desperate “Dance With Me,” sticks in the mind. I really think that this is my favorite debut of the year, and who knows? It might just end up in my top 5 faves of 2008. :)

I’ll be picking up Common Reaction on August 19 – and I bet you will too after you find out more about Uh Huh Her at their MySpace and official website, and download “Not A Love Song” on iTunes!