The Story Of – Until The Autumn (2008)


Got an email from one of the guys from The Story Of about their new album (Until The Autumn, released November 14 2008) – and what an album! They recorded it while living in a cabin in Colorado, which they turned into a studio, and the album progressed from there. You can really hear and feel in the music that the album recording process must have been a natural, organic one. It was a real treat to check this album out.

The album starts off with “Berkeley” – easy-going, sprawling indie-rock that sets the tone for the rest of Until The Autumn. The next track, “Hawk Gospel,” is a lot of fun, with great vocal work and interesting lyrics that give you something to think about. At times it’s mellow, at others it gets some jaunty tambourines going – cool stuff! “The Flock” follows with atmospheric production and gently strummed guitars that make the lyrics about getting away really take flight.

“Lights On The Landing” continues the theme of escaping, this time to somewhere “light years away.” The rich string work and interesting, flitting percussion give the track a dreamlike feel. The cinematic opening of “Veteran’s Day” gives way to guitars that sound like they’re marching along to the beats – and at the end of the song, they erupt into one final battle before fading out. The avian imagery of “The Flock” returns with “Sparrow.” The soaring chorus gives a sense of what it must be like to fly above the clouds!

“Anniverary” is a short but melodic burst of energy, followed by “How It Is.” Musically, “How It Is” is great midtempo indie rock, but it’s the lyrics that I like the best – we start off with a “broke and beaten down” narrator, but by the end of the song they have found some strength and are encouraging us to “don’t stop living.” The next song, “Dodge City,” is probably my favorite track on the album – I love the echoing guitars and the chorus that ends with a bit of a yell! Throughout the album, I really enjoyed the vocals, especially when they were layered. On the album closer, “Centralia,” the background vocals swirl around the main voice at times and make it a pure pleasure to listen to. It’s rather an intense song, musically and lyrically, and makes for a solid end to a super album.

Check The Story Of out on their website and MySpace, and buy Until The Autumn at their online shop! :)