The Midgetmen – Show Pony

Y4586373et more cool music has popped up in my inbox! One of the guys from The Midgetmen emailed me with some info about the band and I was only too happy to check out their third album, Show Pony.

Show Pony is a lot of fun! So many bands have the technical skill but no heart. You can tell that The Midgetmen, who you can hear have the tech skills in spades, bring their love of the music to the fore in Show Pony‘s collection of 16 short but sweet rock tracks. Each song has its own charmingly grubby, distinct personality, but nothing sounds too individual for its own good – everything works together to make a really enjoyable album.

All the songs feature clever lyrics (in particular “Trickle Down,” “Euphoric Doom,” and “Lethargy”) to go with the rollicking instrumentation. There are also some lighthearted moments on the album, like on “Bunk Sock,” which manages to get in a mention of “boobies!” (I’m easily amused, what can I say?) The downbeat final track, “Words,” is the most surprising. The guitar work has a tinge of sadness to it, and the track as a whole is rather beautifully melancholy. Perhaps there’s more to The Midgetmen than they let on?

So! Show Pony is a great album to check out, and you can even try before you buy – The Midgetmen have been so kind as to offer three songs from the album to download on their official website. You can also listen to and download some more tracks on their MySpace!