Temple Scene

I got an email from one of the guys in Temple Scene, an up-and-coming band, wondering if I’d like to review their new EP. I’m not one to pass up checking out new (free!) tunes, so I gave Another Town EP a try. I didn’t have high hopes – how often are great tunes just dropped into your inbox? But I loaded up Another Town on my iPod and listened.

5285994And you know what? Great tunes sometimes do just pop up in your inbox. Temple Scene’s music has a low-key vibe but it’s also richly produced, each strum of a guitar or keyboard accent adding just the perfect touch, and the lead singer delivers the simple but poignant lyrics with a lovely, engaging vocal. Their Another Town EP songs are mellow, melodic tunes that are perfect for listening to on a lazy afternoon. Each track is satisfying – the rather funky “Somewhere In This City,” the anthemic “Half Life,” the gorgeously urgent “Breathing,” the bright “Everything” – and by the end of the last track, you are left wondering when the full album will be released!

So go give Temple Scene a listen on their website (you can download a free track – “The Story” – there!) and spend some money on them at iTunes! You can also check them out on MySpace.