Stefani Vara

ghshgssI got an email about Stefani Vara, an up-and-coming R&B/pop singer, and I was more than happy to give her singles “Water” and “Lately” a spin. It wasn’t until Stefani was in high school that she decided to pursue a singing career. She left her home in Houston, Texas for New York, met Siri Music CEO Chauncy Jackson, and the rest is history. Stefani is now signed to Siri Music and worked with Chauncy, Kim Croft, the Insomniax, and Keynon Moore (among others) on her debut album Storybook Diaries (the release date is yet to be confirmed).

The sumptuous synths, guitars, and beats of Stefani’s latest single “Water” are perfectly complemented by her sweet, breathy voice. Her previous single, “Lately,” is a dreamy, uptempo R&B-flavored pop tune that really suits her pretty, almost whisper-light vocals. With her vocal talent and great music-makers supporting her, Stefani is sure to do well!

You can watch the video for “Water” on Stefani’s official MySpace, and download her songs on iTunes! You can also read an interview where Stefani answers fans’ questions at Pop Nation!