Mylene Farmer – Point De Suture (2008)

untitled32114Mylene Farmer’s new album, Point De Suture, was released in France August 25 on CD and August 20 digitally. From start to finish, it’s a really good album. When “Degeneration” was first released I wasn’t too in love with it, but it has grown on me and now I think it’s wonderfully, darkly hypnotic. “Appelle mon numéro” is a richly produced upbeat ballad – it’s a little long at about 5 and a half minutes, but it’s so pretty you don’t really want it to end. The next track, “Je m’ennuie,” has a chorus that kind of reminds me of “Comme J’ai Mal,” but this driving dance/trance tune is a great track in its own right.

“Paradis inanimé” has a pop/rock feel to it, not quite as electronic as the rest of the songs, but it still fits. It brings to mind other rockin’ Mylene moments like “XXL” and “L’Instant X.” Mylene duets with electronica musician Moby on “Looking For My Name,” a simple, but really beautifully atmospheric, downtempo track. Their voices sound lovely together here.

645565656The only tracks on the album that didn’t quite “get” me were the title track and “Réveiller le monde”. “Point De Suture” is a nice ballad, but bland, and feels like it drags on too long. “Réveiller le monde” is a shorter dance/trance that just doesn’t have anything very special about it. But, the final four songs make up for that. “Sextonik” is another dance/trance tune and has a fantastic energy and fab chorus. “C’est dans l’air” is destined to become a Mylene classic – it has the cool, attitude-drenched vibe of “Je t’aime melancholie” but updated for the 21st century, along with an ultra-catchy chorus. “Si j’avais au moins…” is another ballad but for some reason it really works. It has a melancholy feel, underscored by sad strings. I particularly like the guitar at the end!

The album has a hidden track, “Ave Maria.” Mylene’s voice shines here, supported only by a warm synth pad and then some light synthesizers toward the end. It’s a gorgeous end to the album. It probably won’t be my favorite album of 2008 but it’s certainly a lovely one!

Albums I’m excited about!

There are a few albums that will be released over the summer and into the fall that I’m excited about. Here are my thoughts:

  • NiyazNine Heavens (June 24 2008) / Azam Ali, Loga Ramin Torkian, and Carmen Rizzo (Niyaz) are releasing their second album, Nine Heavens, on June 24. I’m a big fan of their self-titled debut – a mesmerizing blend of Persian folk and electronic music – and I can’t wait to hear the great new tunes they’ve come up with. What makes Nine Heavens ultra-nifty is that it comes with a disc of the songs played acoustically. You can download one of the tracks here (I haven’t, because I want to wait to hear the album in its entirety!)!
  • The Verve – TBA (August 2008?) / Richard Ashcroft and friends are back together and I for one am looking forward to hearing what they’ve come up with. First single “Love Is Noise” is going to be played on the BBC’s Radio One – you can listen to it live here – on June 23. Exciting stuff!
  • Mylène Farmer – TBA (Fall 2008) /The first single from the as-yet-untitled album, “Dégénération,” has been released to French radio stations and is floating around online. “Dégénération” isn’t my fave Mylene song, and it probably never will be, but it certainly is a cool sounding song. Can’t wait to hear the whole album!
  • Dido – TBA (September 2008?) / Dido’s new album has been in the works forever, it seems, but I’m betting that it’ll be worth the wait. Her first two albums, No Angel and Life For Rent, are excellent pieces of downtempo pop and it’ll be interesting to hear how her music has progressed in the years since.

I’m sure other new albums will come about that I’ll love, but these are the ones I’m marking my calendar for! :)

Mylène Farmer – Dance Remixes (1992)

Mylène is considered the most successful and provocative female French recording artist of all time, and the only artist to have each of her studio albums sell over a million copies in France… Mylène’s refusal to record in English leaves her virtually unknown outside of continental Europe. Farmer gained fame with songs featuring ambiguous and/or shocking lyrics, and somewhat explicit music videos… (Wikipedia)

Or, to put it more simply, Mylène Farmer is pretty much the French Madonna. I only very recently started listening to Farmer but it didn’t take very long to fall in love with her voice and music. She is famous for her sophisticated pop tunes and ballads that deal with themes of love, death, and spirituality. Do yourself a favor and check out some of her songs – you won’t be disappointed!

Mylène Farmer’s Dance Remixes (1992) features remixes and extended versions of songs from her first three studio albums, Cendres de Lune (1986), Ainsi soit Je… (1988), and L’Autre… (1991).


They’re fairly straightforward mixes that don’t stray very far from the sound of the original tracks (particularly in the case of the extended versions). Tracks like “Libertine” are played around with, vocals are manipulated, new instrumental passages are introduced – and the result is excellent.

The tracks that stood out to me are “Libertine (Carnal Sins Remix),” “Plus grandir (Mother’s Live Remix),” and “Sans Logique (Illogical Club Remix).” I was slightly disappointed with the remixes of “Je t’aime mélancolie” and “Pourvu qu’elles soient douces” as they didn’t really match the strengths of the album versions. I still find myself getting the stuttering beginning of the “Pourvu” remix stuck in my head, though! :)

This album is a great introduction to Mylène Farmer’s earlier work. If you like what you hear, then I would suggest also trying one of her more recent albums, because they are really gorgeous (Innamoramento is beautiful!).