Music mix!

Here are a few albums I’ve enjoyed recently that I think are worth a few listens. :)

  • Shiri Maimon is a talented Israeli singer. Her self-titled debut album from 2005 is a solid pop/rock effort that features some lovely ballads amid the more uptempo tracks. My fave songs are “Ahava Ktana,” “Le’an Shelo Telchi,” and “Otcha” – so keep an ear out for those if you check this album out!
  • The Divine Comedy (1994) is a neat electronic folk album from Milla Jovovich, who is best known as a model and actress. As it turns out, she’s talented in the music department too! The songs have a cool otherworldly feel without being silly, and Milla has an interesting voice. I hope she returns to music at some point!
  • Perfect for chilling out on a lazy afternoon, Raphael’s Caravane (2005) is a collection of beautiful French pop/rock songs. The title track is simply gorgeous, and the rest of the songs aren’t too shabby, either!
  • Kula Shaker are a fantastic 60s-inspired band and Kollected (2002) is a great intro to their psychedelic sound! Make sure you listen to “Tattva,” “Dance In Your Shadow,” “Govinda,” and the Bob Dylan cover “Ballad Of A Thin Man”!
  • I’m currently in an electro kind of mood and a compilation called Kitsuné BoomBox (2007) sure hits the spot! Heavy beats and explosive synths abound here – and it’s all kicked off by a great remix of my girl Siobhan Donaghy’s “Don’t Give It Up”! This is a fantastic compilation, so check it out if electro/house is your thing!
  • One more set of French songs for ya! Francoise Hardy is the queen of too-cool-for-school 60s French chanson/pop. The Vogue Years (2001) is a collection of the tracks she recorded while with the Vogue label in the 1960s. My faves here are “Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles,” “Je N’attends Plus Personne,” “Mon Amie La Rose,”and “Non Ce N’est Pas Un Reve” – but every track is a piece of perfect 60s pop.