Lucibel Crater

A band I was emailed about recently, Lucibel Crater, is one to watch out for. Their sound is sort of jazz-laced electronica and is absolutely hypnotic on tracks like “Threadbare Funeral” (which features Lou Reed on guitar!). Lead singer (and cellist) Leah Coloff’s vocals are enchanting but have a lovely strength, and the ambient, lush production (like on “Holy Then Now”) is hauntingly gorgeous.

lgijfhThe songs on their MySpace (you can download a few there, as well as at musicSUBMIT) are such a refreshing mix of electronic, jazz, and psychedelic influences that I have no doubt that their new album, The Family Album (available to buy at CDBaby), is full of the same new, exciting sounds. So go have a listen to Lucibel Crater!