Liz Scott – "Angel" (2008)


I got an email about Liz Scott, a US-based Australian singer who has been working recently with Markus Moser of electronica duo iiO. She just released her first single, “Angel,” on December 16 – and it’s such a promising debut! Her voice is sweet and light, but never lightweight – this is a voice you’re going to remember. “Angel” has a fab bass groove and sweeping synth strings that weave in and out of the laid-back beats and little keyboard motifs. If you like chilled but soulful electronica, like Jennifer Paige’s 90s hit “Crush,” you’re going to love Liz Scott and “Angel”!

Liz will be releasing her debut album, Princess, on February 10, 2009 – mark that date on your calendar! Check Liz out at her official site or her MySpace, and be sure to pick up “Angel” on iTunes!