Kalomira – Secret Combination (2008)

I got a comment in the tagboard from Peter about Kalomira‘s new album, Secret Combination. To be honest I’d never heard of her before, but I’m glad he posted about the album – it’s great! :)
01_Cover_b_r2Secret Combination is a perfect blend of pop, electro, and Greek sounds. The title track, which was Greece’s entry for Eurovision 2008, is catchy and fresh. “Sto Diko Mou Rythmo” is a great song for summer – it has a fun, bouncy rhythm. “All That I Need” is a fantastic electro/dance song in English that I’m sure would do well on the radio if it were released as a single. “Fall To You,” while a little long at 4:41, is a pretty downbeat ballad with a lovely chorus.

“S’Agapo” has the exact same electro beat as Nelly Furtado’s “Say It Right.” I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but it sure makes it hard to judge the song on its own because “Say It Right” is such a gorgeous track. In any case, “S’Agapo” is a good – if typical – electro/pop track. “Kathe Fora” is next and is my favorite song on the album. It has great bass and synths and is refreshingly different. “Money Ain’t The Key” is a fun electro/hip-hop track with some attitude-drenched lyrics.

66664“Iparhoun Ores” has a nice chunky rhythm and fab production (are those horns I hear?). “Sto Ipa Hilies Fores” is a bit slower and has neat strings and a bit of a melancholy tone. “Vradiazi” is another ballad but isn’t as good as “Fall To You.” It’s just a bit too average. “Hot” closes the album (but there is a bonus remix of the title track that is technically the last track) with a burst of energetic rhythms and beats.

A great summer album! Thanks to Peter for letting me know about Kalomira! :D Thanks also to Nathan for letting me know that the album will be released in the UK on August 16! :D