John Inman – Are You Being Served, Sir? (Single) (1975)

Apropos of nothing, I feel like writing a short entry about a nifty little song that, I’m guessing, not many people have heard.

Are You Being Served? is a classic and well-loved British TV comedy. Beginning with the pilot broadcast in 1972 and ending with its tenth series in 1985, the cast of the department store-set comedy brought good-natured laughs into British homes, and when PBS stations began running the series, into American homes too. One member of that cast, the great John Inman, actually released a single in 1975 that hit 39 on the UK singles charts: “Are You Being Served, Sir?”

John Inman’s sad passing this past March inspired me to dig up the CD I had burned the song on. I think “Are You Being Served, Sir?” is a cute little tune and a neat “oddball” addition to anyone’s iPod. It’s pretty catchy, too!