Let’s try this again!

I said I was back… but that was in late March! School has been keeping me extra-busy, but I’m determined to keep this blog full of my rambling thoughts. ;)

Great new albums have been released or leaked recently. I’ll be writing proper reviews of my favorites soon, but for now, here are the albums that you should check out right quick! ;)

  • Bat For Lashes’ Two Suns, released April 7 in the US. Just beautiful. It’s on iTunes, on Amazon.com, pretty much everywhere, so you have no excuse to not listen to it! ;)
  • IAMX’s Kingdom of Welcome Addiction, to be released in May. It was well worth the wait – the album is full of IAMX’s lush, industrial-infused electronic rock and his idiosyncratic, dark-minded lyrics. Search Google for it, have a sneaky listen, and then buy it when it’s released! :)
  • Lal Meri, a trio that includes Nancy Kaye (formerly known as Rosey) and chill-out maestro Carmen Rizzo, have released their debut album titled Lal Meri. And what a gorgeous album it is! Download it from iTunes or Amazon or wherever and get lost in the beautiful grooves!
  • Sandra released her comeback album of sorts (a triumphant return after her divorce from Enigma mastermind Michael Cretu), Back To Life, in March. It’s characterized by bright, happy lyrics and fabulous music that matches – light years (Kylie reference intended!) from The Art Of Love, a darker album that had the potential to be an introspective, intimate sort of record, but fell short of that mark.
  • Polly Scattergood. Oh, Polly. After listening to her debut, self-titled album, I just wasn’t sure what to think. I’m still kind of in two minds about Polly Scattergood. I’m this close to loving it, but I can’t quite commit to that feeling yet. At first listen the songs sounded super minimal, with lyrics that could be interpreted as pretentious. But! I felt compelled to revisit the album a week or two after listening to it the first time. I found myself enchanted and haunted by the first track, “I Hate The Way,” and this feeling continued through the whole album. I really wanted to hear what else Polly was going to sing, what other melodies she was going to plink out on the keyboard, what other atmospherics she was going to weave. Are her lyrics pretentious? You know what, I don’t even care. They work. Polly Scattergood makes you care about what she sings. There’s something about this girl. Her stark musical illustrations are polarizing, I think, and she will definitely strike some listeners as rubbish. But those who give her a chance might just discover that she’s really something special.
  • Hande Yener, a fab Turkish pop star, came out with her newest album, Hayrola? (What’s Up?, I think is how it translates) last week. She’s definitely worth a listen – her ice-queen electro-pop sound is hypnotic (fittingly, her last album was titled Hipnoz!) and catchy at the same time.

IAMX – The Alternative (2006)

A musical discovery via the Mighty Boosh! Chris Corner (IAMX) is a friend of the Boosh guys and can be seen in several episodes on magazine covers (does the Uber Mod ring a bell?). Interesting tidbit: Chris dates one-half (Sue Denim) of Robots in Disguise, the electro duo who can also be seen in a few Boosh episodes, while Noel Fielding dates the other half (Dee Plume). All four can be found in one video – “Girl”, by RID. Whew! Complicated stuff.

R-748839-1154862779Anyways, that’s how I came to check out IAMX – because of the Boosh connection. Just as good a reason as any to get into new music! ;) IAMX makes dark electro music, sometimes kind of “out there,” but pretty much consistently great. His 2006 album The Alternative is a cohesive collection of tunes that feature deep bass, buzzing synths, and cool vocals from the man himself. Several of the tracks are absolute stunners: “Song Of Imaginary Beings” is a thing of beauty, “Nightlife” is a fast-paced club number, and “President” is a slow-burner that will lodge itself in your brain. All the songs keep the dark, moody vibe flowing and the (2007 special edition) album concludes with a string version of “Spit It Out.” Great stuff!

(Also, the “Spit It Out” CDM has the single version of the track and two spiffy remixes – make sure you listen to the Alexander Kowalski remix, because it’s too cool for school!)