Erin Hamilton – One World (1999)

I picked up two CDs a few days ago by an artist I’ve never heard of before. They turned out to be fantastic. Used CD stores are magical like that. :)

Erin Hamilton (daughter of Carol Burnett) established herself as a dance force to be reckoned with in 1998, when she released an energetic cover of Gary Wright’s 1975 hit “Dream Weaver.” An album and two more singles followed, but unfortunately so did some tragic times: her girlfriend committed suicide in 2001, Erin fell into trouble with drugs and eventually went to rehab, and her sister died of lung cancer in early 2002.

Happily, the last few years have been kinder to Erin. She says on her MySpace that she is working on new music in a “Sheryl Crow/Lucinda Williams” style, but assures fans of her dance hits that “we can always remix!!” She has recently re-released her 1999 single “The Flame” as “The Flame 2008” with new remixes by Offer Nissim and Manny Lehman. Hopefully we’ll hear more from her soon! :)R-1826286-1245965392.jpeg

One World is a cut above the average dance album. Erin has a strong, expressive voice and the production of the tracks is top notch. The songs are uplifting and melodic and, above all, fun to listen to. Along with the singles “Dream Weaver,” “The Temple,” and “Satisfied,” the tunes to listen out for are “Take Me As I Am” (a hands-in-the-air self-confidence anthem), “Melt” (a sultry trance tune) and “A Quiet Understanding” (a great house groove). Check this album out if you’re a fan of other dance divas like Amber or Kristine W! :)