Random tunes!

Here are a few tracks that I’m loving at the moment!

  • I’ve always liked Rihanna’s voice but have never actually kept up with her singles. I’ve certainly missed out! Her latest single, ‘Don’t Stop The Music’, is a deep, dark, dancefloor-ready tune. Absolutely infectious!
  • Dana International contributed a song (‘In The Lowest Place of Tel Aviv’) to a project in Israel and she sounds fantastic! It’s an almost mournful dance track and is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.
  • Teyana Taylor is a new and welcome addition to the music world with her cheeky and ultra-catchy ‘Google Me’ single!
  • I am simply in love with ‘Mercy’ by Duffy! It’s a fresh take on old-school sounds.
  • And finally, Estelle has a great single out that’s half-lounge and half-RnB. ‘American Boy’ has a great sound and Estelle’s voice is lovely.