David Bowie – Fame ’90 (1990)

David Bowie’s ‘Fame’ really can’t be improved upon, but for some reason in 1990 this set of remixes was released. As with the remixes of Queen’s ‘Flash’, though, if you take the mixes with a grain of salt you’ll have fun listening to them.

The first track on this single updates the track with a more funky style and a rap by Queen Latifah. More of a novelty than a solid track, and not many of the original vocals are heard. The House Mix does just what it says – sets ‘Fame’ to a pumping house instrumental, complete with classic house piano riffs and deep bass. Some lines (‘is it any wonder?’, etc.) are played around with and repeated rhythmically; a fun and very early-90s remix!


The Gass Mix gives a slicker, fuller sound to ‘Fame’ but doesn’t really add anything unique to it – it just sounds a bit over-produced. (The bassline is good, though.) Up next is the Hip Hop Mix, setting ‘Fame’ to crackly drums and plucky bass. It’s a rather tired mix that doesn’t go anywhere, although the flute-y thing is a nice touch.Saving the best for last, the single closes with the Absolutely Nothing Premeditated/Epic Mix. They weren’t joking – it clocks in at over 14 minutes!! The mix starts out as a fairly average, funky version of ‘Fame’, but as it chugs along it gets better and better. Basically, this mix is simple but very effective at extending ‘Fame”s groove. Everyone’s supposed to have 15 minutes of fame, but 14:25 is all right too…! (Stupid pun, I know!)