O hay guys!

Hey, just wanted to post a quick note to assure anyone who was wondering that I am indeed still alive – it’s just that the spring semester started last Monday and I’ve already got a boatload of reading to get through! Reviews and such will definitely be coming up soon, though. :)


But before I go and finish Moll Flanders and get started on reading my science textbook ;), I’ve got to rave a bit about capsule, a Japanese electro duo. Their latest album, More! More! More!, is absolutely awesome, and had I listened to it in 2008 (when it was released) it surely would have been on my “top albums of 2008” list. I particularly love the frantic, fierce rap in “the Time is Now” and the bright and shiny title track. Other cool songs to listen out for include “Phantom,” which sounds like some Daleks crashed the studio and demanded to be recorded, and “e.d.i.t.”, a non-stop energy rush.

So go give capsule a listen. They’re great! :)