Blue Stone – Worlds Apart (2007)

I’ve never been into “New Age” music – you know, the kind of music with endless flute melodies and tinkling chimes and other cheesy things. To be perfectly honest, New Age music kind of has a reputation of being a bit ditzy and flighty – and I simply can’t listen to most “New Age”-labeled music because it sounds just like its reputation! I am, however, into chill-out music. How, exactly, are New Age and chill-out tunes different? To me, chill-out music is more fully produced and closer to pop and lounge sounds than New Age music is. Chill-out music is also more likely to be electronica-influenced, and I’m all about that sort of thing! :)

bsssThere’s something wonderfully relaxing about popping your headphones in and dozing off whilst listening to some lush tunes. Blue Stone’s beautifully produced, elegantly melodic 2007 album Worlds Apart seems to have been tailor-made for a musical snooze. An album that can put you to sleep is either a cool thing or a boring thing – and in this case it is definitely a cool thing. Kicking off with the aptly titled “Set Adrift” – a flowing instrumental with wordless vocals – and highlighted by “Waters Flow” (a downtempo and very catchy tune), “Dreamcatcher” (a slick, upbeat track), “Worlds Apart (Searching For You)” (just gorgeous!), and “Event Horizon” (the chorus, in particular, is lovely), Worlds Apart is a solid, engaging album of chilled – yet warm – electronica. Very highly recommended! :)