Musical musings :)

Just a few thoughts I’ve had lately about random music stuff:


I never thought I’d actually find myself digging a commercial jingle, but every time the Chris Brown Doublemint commercial comes on I can’t help but love those beats. For anyone else wondering about the song, and has been living under the same rock I apparently have been under, the song used in the commercial is a rework of his single “Forever” with new lyrics about… well, gum. :)

untitled124578I didn’t know, until today, that there was a Ralphi Rosario vocal mix of Pet Shop Boys’ “To Step Aside”. I had the dub, but whilst browsing CDs today at one of my fave used CD shops, I found the US maxi-single of “Se A Vida É” – which included a mix of “To Step Aside” called “Ralphi’s Disco Vox”! It’s pretty good, much better than the dub, with a great house piano line. Nothing beats the album version of “To Step Aside,” though! Speaking of PSB, they’re releasing their latest album, titled Yes, on March 23! :D


When oh when is Amelia Brightman, alias Violet, going to release her debut album? Judging by the songs on her MySpace, the little sister of Sarah Brightman has loads of talent and such a lovely voice. The Wikipedia entry about her states that she plans to release an album in 2009, but who knows how that will turn out – apparently her album was supposed to surface in 2003! :O


And Shweta Shetty! I could’ve sworn I read on the Nemo Studios website at some point that she was working on an album. I discovered Shweta, strangely enough, because of Sarah Brightman – Shweta contributed vocals to Sarah’s Harem album and also sang during the Harem tour. I really like her voice and I hope we get to hear some tunes from her soon. :)

This was a really scattered post! :)