GaGa ooh la la

untitled2Have you seen Lady GaGa’s new video for her newest masterpiece, “Bad Romance”? It. Is. Phenomenal! I like the “Paparazzi” vid but didn’t quite get why everyone was so buzzed about it. The “Bad Romance” video, however, has made me love the Lady even more.

What I think I love most about this visually arresting video is that it defines Lady GaGa – she is not afraid to be “weird.” She doesn’t do safe. And yet, she manages to be sexy and fierce even while going outside the box. No, she’s probably not a super-serious artiste, but who cares? She’s fresh, fabulous, and fun – and the most exciting pop star out there right now. (Well, at least until Kylie comes out with another single! :) )

Also – because I seem to relate everything back to the Mighty Boosh – anyone else think of this…

3699475626_2838048d8a…during this part?


Great minds, I guess! :)

Madonna – Give It 2 Me (Video)

Whoop! Madonna’s new video for “Give It 2 Me” has found its way to YouTube. (Holy cow, it was deleted while I was typing this post up! That was quick.)

123654My thoughts:

  • Madge looks fab (she’s been looking lovely lately – check her out at an amfAR event and at Cannes!) as she wiggles and gyrates through the video.
  • The beginning moments of the vid rather obviously echo the dance studio set of “Hung Up.”
  • Pharrell pops up every so often and at first seems to just come out of nowhere but soon it all gels.
  • The amusing yet catchy “get stupid” bit in the song is given a fair visual representation with quick edits and expressive poses from Madonna.
  • I was hoping the video would have more energy – and maybe feature Madonna doing more than pose and such – but the editing and effects give it some movement.

All in all, it’s a bit of a dull video. It’s good, but not great. I suppose M blew the budget on “4 Minutes”! But it’s OK, Madonna. We still love you! :)

Kylie – In My Arms & Wow videos

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that Kylie is fierce. After the worthy but ultimately not terribly exciting lead single “2 Hearts” and its video, Kylie is well and truly back on form with sensational videos for “In My Arms” and “Wow.”

"In My Arms"
“In My Arms”

“In My Arms” features several Kylies: Kylie in “too cool for school” mode, rocking around a futuristic recording booth (note the return of a super cool mic!); Kylie as pure pop princess, complete with ringlets!; and Kylie as nutso fan fanatic. Yeah, I’m not so sure about that one either but it works wonderfully! This is one of the best videos of Kylie’s career; Pop Trash Addicts says that the opening seconds in the recording booth are “positively iconic” and I agree wholeheartedly!


After all that perfection, you might expect “Wow” to not live up to expectations – and you’d be wrong! Kylie rips up the disco and raves on the dancefloor in this spacey, slightly sci-fi vid. Looking too nifty in a spacesuit and platinum bob, our girl grooves amidst strobing lights (too many, say Ofcom!) and even dances around a glowing pole! (Not as dirty as it sounds.) I especially like the bit where it gets all black-light-y and Kylie dances around in a glowing wig. Neat!

These songs are the kind celebratory anthems that Kylie is known and rightly loved for. “In My Arms” is simply euphoric, all swooshing synths and vocals, and “Wow” will have you up and dancing and singing along. The radio version of “Wow” isn’t too different from the album track – the beats just seem to have been beefed up a bit. I have the strangest feeling that “Wow” could be Kylie’s next big hit – it’s the kind of simple, feel-good pop that catches public attention. Hopefully other people will feel the same way when the single is released later this month! :)

I’m in love, woo! 2 Hearts Thoughts

By now, you’ve probably heard Kylie’s new single, ‘2 Hearts’. If not, have a look at the video. :)
And also by now, you should pretty much have figured out that KYLIE IS BACK! Yes indeedy, Ms Minogue is back and on top form. ‘2 Hearts’ is a brilliant new musical direction for Kylie – it’s pop, but a more mature, sophisticated kind of pop. My only tiny complaint is that not all of the background vocals are Kylie’s voice, but you know what? Who cares? It’s such a neat song and it’s gonna go straight to #1. :)

(Can you tell I’m a bit excited about all this? ;) )

And the video! How cool is that? Kylie looks sensational and utterly commands each frame. Welcome back, Kylie. :)