Hello from the outside!

First things first: I moved this blog from Blogger to its new home here on WordPress because I really like WP’s system.

I know this lil’ blog very likely wouldn’t feature on any “Whatever Happened To…?” kinda list, but I just wanted to post a small update thing here for yuks!

I loved posting to this blog. I started it back in 2007 because I was bursting with so many thoughts and feels about the music I was listening to that I just needed to write! (I continue to have way too many thoughts and feels about music.)

I haven’t blogged about music since my “Best of 2011” lists in (duh) 2011. Even before that my posts became few and far between – my schoolin’ was always my top priority, and as the years went by it amped up in coursework and involvement, especially in the semesters toward graduation.*¬†As such, taking naps was my second-top priority. ;) Blogging, then, was pretty far down the list.

As dramatic as this sounds, I don’t have many regrets or things I wish I had done in my life, but I genuinely do wish I had made time to post to this blog even just every once in a while. I adore thinking about my favorite music and relish the challenge of articulating why this song gives me life or why that album is literal magic. Plus, I love what music blogs and reviews do. I can’t count how many artists or songs or albums that a passionate blog entry or an irresistibly described review got me into.

Hopefully 2016 will be the year I get back into blogging a bit. You never know! I already have a thing I wrote up about the songs and albums that defined my years and years (and years) as a student at the University of Maryland, plus a few other little posts I’d like to share. Just need to polish it all up a bit! In the meantime, you can find me posting on Tumblr from time to time.

So, this blog is still resting – I don’t really want to declare it dead just yet!

*I am proud to say that I graduated from UMD in December 2014 with my Bachelor of Arts in History and Women’s Studies!

Long time, no blog

Just a quick update to say that this blog isn’t dead yet! My thoughts on Kylie’s mighty Aphrodite are waiting to be posted, as is a critique sort of thing of Richard Ashcroft’s RPA + The United Nations of Sound album. I hope to review a bunch of stuff I’ve enjoyed this year before 2010 ends, and of course my annual Best Of lists will be posted too. (Kinda silly to plan all this when I haven’t even posted Part 3 of my Best of 2009 list, but I’m nothing if not optimistic!)

Hope everyone out in the blog universe is doing well!

I’m still here!

Guess what? I’m not dead! ;) Here’s an eye saga update from my LiveJournal from August 13:

I saw a neurologist twice, and he confirmed that I have optic neuritis. He says I will definitely recover, but it will take time, and I’ll have to be checked out once every few months for the next couple of years. I’m just glad that things have settled down now – but it’s a wonderful thing that I’ve got some great doctors looking out for my health. :) … After all this nonsense, I’m actually in good spirits and all, so things are pretty good right now. :)

Turns out that after everything settled down, though I was in good spirits, the stress of what I’d been through this summer with my eye sort of hit me – and so I kinda just chilled through August. This meant a lack of posts here, and a lack of reading all the cool music blogs I love. It really hasn’t been that long, but life moves fast in the music world – so much has happened in music while I’ve been AWOL! I’ve been jotting down notes about albums I’ve listened to during this unintentional hiatus and I can’t wait to get back to rambling. ;)

I hope everyone has been doing well and enjoying some great tunes! :D


I’ll be heading off on Monday with the family for our annual vacation in oh-so-glamorous Wildwood, New Jersey! :)

Sorry for the recent lack of posts, but this past week was a little nuts – the vision in my left eye went weird and I had to get an MRI. Not fun! I’ve been listening to a lot of music that I want to write about, though, so I have plenty to review after the beach. :)

A quick note

Hey all! I know I’ve been away for awhile, it seems, but I promise I haven’t given up bloggin’. ;) Actually, I’ve got some family stuff going on at the moment that has been keeping my mind off the music for about two weeks. I will definitely get back to writing (depending on your point of view, this may or may not be a good thing! ;) ) but I’m thinking it will be another couple of weeks before things settle down.

Hope everyone out there in blogland is doing well! :) (And Happy Valentine’s Day, by the way! I kept meaning to do a post of my favorite love songs, but I’ll do it some other time I suppose!) :D

O hay guys!

Hey, just wanted to post a quick note to assure anyone who was wondering that I am indeed still alive – it’s just that the spring semester started last Monday and I’ve already got a boatload of reading to get through! Reviews and such will definitely be coming up soon, though. :)


But before I go and finish Moll Flanders and get started on reading my science textbook ;), I’ve got to rave a bit about capsule, a Japanese electro duo. Their latest album, More! More! More!, is absolutely awesome, and had I listened to it in 2008 (when it was released) it surely would have been on my “top albums of 2008” list. I particularly love the frantic, fierce rap in “the Time is Now” and the bright and shiny title track. Other cool songs to listen out for include “Phantom,” which sounds like some Daleks crashed the studio and demanded to be recorded, and “e.d.i.t.”, a non-stop energy rush.

So go give capsule a listen. They’re great! :)


Cool beans! The nominations for The 2008 Weblogs Awards have begun, and Aaron of FABTASTIC! Music has so very kindly nominated this blog in the Best Music Blog category! :D Click on the “+” symbol under the comment if you have a moment, and be sure to do the same for Aaron’s nominations in the Best Music Blog (use the “search” thing in your browser to find each of the comments that nominate FABTASTIC! Music), Best New Blog and Best Individual Blogger categories!!

Sandra – (Life May Be) A Big Insanity (1990)

Now that I’m back in school, my posting style may change a bit. Full album posts will always be long, detailed, and rambly – that won’t change! – but will not be posted as often as usual. I’m going to start posting more short reviews of singles and such, though, and I plan on posting about them at least a few times a week, if not everyday (it depends on my coursework load!). So let’s get started on the singles! :)

Sandra+Life+May+Be+A+Big+Insanity+34546“(Life May Be) A Big Insanity” sounds grammatically incorrect but is a lot of fun to listen to. Released by Sandra as a single in 1990, this funky pop track was accompanied by several different mixes, the best of them being the Dance Mix. The Dub Mix is neat too – cool percussion! (Sadly, the Club Mix isn’t anything special.)