New tunes and such!

There have been several new music leaks/releases/previews recently, so here are my faves of the lot:

  • Oh, Britney Spears. Personally, I think the poor thing should quit the biz for awhile and sort herself out, but I quite like her new single, ‘Gimme More.’ I’ve never been a fan of Britney but I’ve never actually hated her music, and ‘Gimme More’ is a pretty nice urban-electro cut.
  • Oh, Madonna. ‘Candy Shop’ leaked and frankly, I’m not digging it.
  • Mylène Farmer protégé Alizée is coming out with a new album (Psychédélices – what a cool title!) in November and first single ‘Mademoiselle Juliette’ will hit radio stations in late September. Catchy as all get-out and beautifully produced!
  • It’s in the trees! It’s coming! …Kylie’s comeback, that is! ‘2 Hearts,’ produced by Kish Mauve, will be out in November. So far we have the original Kish Mauve demo to listen to – NO Kylie vocals here, folks, but you get the idea of what the song will sound like. To me, the track seems to have taken its direction from ‘Some Girls’ (Rachel Stevens) and, strangely enough, ‘Spirit In The Sky’ (Norman Greenbaum) – and it sounds great. Once Kylie works her magic on it, this will be the single of the year.

Speaking of Kylie, here’s a pic from her upcoming calendar. kyliemovellanIs anyone else reminded of Doctor Who‘s Movellans? :)


Songs I’ve been diggin’

Here are a few tracks that I’ve been loving recently.

  • “Sexy! No No No” by Girls Aloud is set to be their next single. One listen and you know it’ll be a hit!
  • I’ve only been listening to alt/pop/rocker Poe for a short time, but she’s great, and I bet you’ll think so too if you check out “Control” from her excellent Haunted album.
  • BWO is sensationally cheesy pop and just makes you happy. “Chariots of Fire” and its Credheadz Remix Radio Edit, from their Halcyon Days album and Halcyon Nights remix album respectively, are fantastic pieces of disco-infused pop!
  • Kate Ryan’s “Voyage Voyage”, a new cover of a song originally by Desireless, is a cool dance update and is guaranteed to get you on your feet!
  • Kula Shaker is a band I’ve just started getting into, and “Tattva,” from their K album, is a nifty fusion of rock and Middle Eastern music.
  • Candie Payne has a wonderful new album out that sounds straight out of the swinging sixties! “I Wish I Could Have Loved You More” is the first single from the album of the same name.