Not dead, just resting – plus cool artists to check out

Oh my goodness, I’ve been away from this blog for too long! The rest of my “best of 2009” posts are forthcoming, and then hopefully I’ll get a bit more consistent with posting. Hope everyone in the blogosphere is doing well! :D

I’ve received a few emails about nifty new stuff from cool artists – I just have been as slow as molasses about actually posting about them! Here are artists that you need to hear right now!


Elika, you might remember, is a nifty electronica outfit, and they’ve just recently put out an EP called “There Was No Summer.” Find more details about this release on their News page!

The Greatcoats
The Greatcoats

“The music of The Greatcoats is, at heart, music that reminds you of better times.” That’s what The Greatcoats’ MySpace says, and I agree – but I’d have to add that listening to the warm and inviting sounds of The Greatcoats’ retro-inspired debut album makes now one of those better time. The Greatcoats is released on March 9, 2010, and you can check it out at iTunes, CDBaby, and their official site!

Tristan Clopet
Tristan Clopet

Miami-based musician Tristan Clopet has a new EP out, called “Purple.” He has a charming, versatile voice, sounding just as at home atop the grinding guitars of “Proximity Bomb” as soaring above piano on “So Alive.” The tracks on “Purple” promise great things for this artist, so check them out at his official site and iTunes!

My Education
My Education

My Education has created and will release in late April 2010 an original score, titled Sunrise, for the 1927 F.W. Murnau silent film, Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans. Based on a listen to a track from the album titled “Oars,” this instrumental group have something special on their hands. “Oars” is an atmospheric tune that builds up to an epic end, and it highlights the group’s skill at conjuring a mood. Visit their official website and MySpace!

Whore's Mascara
Whore’s Mascara

All righty, moving right along from “Oars” to… Whores! Whore’s Mascara, that is! This trio is gonna be big – their newest single, “Monogamous,” can be seen on MTV LOGO,, SpikeTV,, and Fuse On demand. Whore’s Mascara is synthy electro with its tongue firmly in cheek (and elsewhere). Try out “Monogamous” and their debut album, Like This But Sexy, on iTunes – even if just to look at the song titles. “Dance Party (Up Your Butt)”? This is a band to get behind (so to speak…!).

The Boxing Lesson
The Boxing Lesson

The psychedelic group The Boxing Lesson (remember them?) have announced that they will be releasing two new albums this year! To whet your appetite, listen to three new demos from their 2009 sessions on their MySpace!

Peter Squires
Peter Squires

Last but certainly not least, Peter Squires released his debut album, Woe Is Me, in late 2009. It’s a short album, but Woe Is Me is long on quality. It’s a folky sort of affair that showcases Squires’ witty lyrics. You can download it for free at his official website – a pretty sweet deal, doncha think? :)

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