GaGa ooh la la

untitled2Have you seen Lady GaGa’s new video for her newest masterpiece, “Bad Romance”? It. Is. Phenomenal! I like the “Paparazzi” vid but didn’t quite get why everyone was so buzzed about it. The “Bad Romance” video, however, has made me love the Lady even more.

What I think I love most about this visually arresting video is that it defines Lady GaGa – she is not afraid to be “weird.” She doesn’t do safe. And yet, she manages to be sexy and fierce even while going outside the box. No, she’s probably not a super-serious artiste, but who cares? She’s fresh, fabulous, and fun – and the most exciting pop star out there right now. (Well, at least until Kylie comes out with another single! :) )

Also – because I seem to relate everything back to the Mighty Boosh – anyone else think of this…

3699475626_2838048d8a…during this part?


Great minds, I guess! :)

6 thoughts on “GaGa ooh la la”

  1. Hey Aaron! :) It's definitely a big vid! You can't really catch everything that happens in one viewing! :D

    Hello xcoherent! I'm afraid I don't catch your meaning… could you please clarify?

    Re: diversifying – do you have any suggestions for music I should try out?


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