Great news, or greatest news ever?

[Siobhan Donaghy] is carrying her trusty laptop, containing work-in-progress from a new musical project; words that will be a comfort to the members of her fanbase who felt a sense of mild panic when she recently announced that she would be taking a sabbatical from the industry. “I feel like I have had that break now” she says, though her relaxed demeanour and self-confessed perfectionism betray the fact that she won’t be rushed.


Discovering Siobhan Donaghy’s album Ghosts (and then her debut album, Revolution In Me) in 2007 was one of my favorite musical moments in the last few years, so I was gutted to read in January 2009 that she had “no further plans to undertake a record of my own.”

But a new interview with PonyStep (from September 16, 2009, and it includes stunning new photos!) reveals that Siobhan’s fans’ prayers have been answered. A new musical project! I am stoked. There aren’t even any other details about the project out yet, and from the looks of the quote (“she won’t be rushed”) it’ll be some time before we get to hear her new stuff, but I’m just thrilled that she’s back in business.

I think Siobhan is a really special artist. I can’t really explain it, though I tried in my reviews of Ghosts and Revolution In Me. I dunno. All I do know is that I like what I’ve heard, and now I can’t wait to hear more. :)

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