I’m still here!

Guess what? I’m not dead! ;) Here’s an eye saga update from my LiveJournal from August 13:

I saw a neurologist twice, and he confirmed that I have optic neuritis. He says I will definitely recover, but it will take time, and I’ll have to be checked out once every few months for the next couple of years. I’m just glad that things have settled down now – but it’s a wonderful thing that I’ve got some great doctors looking out for my health. :) … After all this nonsense, I’m actually in good spirits and all, so things are pretty good right now. :)

Turns out that after everything settled down, though I was in good spirits, the stress of what I’d been through this summer with my eye sort of hit me – and so I kinda just chilled through August. This meant a lack of posts here, and a lack of reading all the cool music blogs I love. It really hasn’t been that long, but life moves fast in the music world – so much has happened in music while I’ve been AWOL! I’ve been jotting down notes about albums I’ve listened to during this unintentional hiatus and I can’t wait to get back to rambling. ;)

I hope everyone has been doing well and enjoying some great tunes! :D

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