Deanna’s Summer Classics!

This is a playlist of my summertime favorites – songs that have heated up my summers through the years. Quite a few of the songs are those from recent years, but all in all it’s a playlist that is sure to make the heat rise! :)

So without further ado, here is: Deanna’s Summer Classics!


01 Destination Calabria (Original Radio Edit) – Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters
I first heard this in 2007 and it has become my favorite summer song. This is like my summer anthem! It makes me think of going to the beach. :)

02 Delius (Song Of Summer) – Kate Bush
I think I must have first listened to this song a few years ago. It’s got a wonderfully hazy, sleepy feeling, like you might feel on a summer evening.

03 Money To Burn – Richard Ashcroft
A feel-good sing-along kind of track! I love those horns that pop up every so often!

04 Summer Calling (Radio Edit) – Andain
This one makes me think of summer nights, full of fireflies and yummy smells from cookouts!

05 Anyway You Choose To Give It – The Black Ghosts
This is from last year, but it really made an impression on me! I remember listening to it at the beach last year and loving the fast-paced beats.

06 How Bizarre (Radio Mix) – OMC
A classic one-hit wonder! I loved this song back during a summer in the mid-90s and I always make sure to give it a spin during the summer to bring back memories of being young(er) (I was probably around 10 or 11!) and stupid(er)!

07 Chariots Of Fire (Credheadz Remix Radio Edit) – BWO
A couple of years ago I found myself listening to this at the beach on repeat. This remix takes the original pure pop track and beefs it up, making it into a rather epic kinda thing.

08 Everytime We Touch (Radio Mix) – Cascada
Cheesy old song it may be – but it makes me smile! :)

09 Closer to Your Heart – Clannad
A lot of Clannad songs remind of the summer, because I started listening to them many summers back. I chose this one because it’s fun and bouncy!

10 Makat Hom [i la dirla da da] – Dana International
I started listening to Dana a few summers back too, and this one is a lot of fun and very summery!

11 Sunrise – Dannii Minogue
I loved this track from The Hits & Beyond, and it reminds me of the summer it came out!

12 Hot Summer Night (Radio Edit) – David Tavare (Feat. 2 Eivissa)
A relatively new track with a great hook and breezy production.

13 Jesus Doesn’t Love Me – Dragonette
Not really summery, technically, but I always associate it with summer because that’s when I first heard it! A fun electro-pop ditty with sinfully good lyrics! ;)

14 Crickets Sing for Anamaria – Emma Bunton
A perfect song for “summertime, when all the crickets sing”!

15 Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (Lenny B Short Term Memory) – Fall Out Boy
I listened to this and the BWO track a lot during that summer, despite not being a Fall Out Boy fan. I am a big fan of remixes, though, and this mix really has a lot of attitude!

16 Trippin’ Me Up (1st Demo Version) – Kylie Minogue
It’s not an officially released song, but it easily could have been – it’s fantastic!

17 Summertime – Geri Halliwell
Rather sexy, actually, and beautifully put together. I really like the guitars.

18 The Way – Fastball
If you listen to the lyrics, it’s a sad song. But if you just focus on the cool chorus, you’ll turn that frown upside down!

19 Long Hot Summer – Girls Aloud
Not my favorite Girls Aloud song, but it specifically mentions summer and I just had to include the Girls in this playlist!

20 From Paris to Berlin – Infernal
Oh man, what a scorcher! I absolutely LOVED and still adore this track. Memory time: I was shocked a few summers ago to hear this song on the boardwalk as my family and I left the nut house in Cape May – Morrow’s Nut House, that is! :D I had no idea the Nut House was that hip!

21 Ray of Light – Madonna
A really great, hyperactive song!

22 Faster Kill Pussycat – Paul Oakenfold ft. Brittany Murphy
Listened to this a few years back and loved it. I can’t believe Brittany Murphy, who voices Luanne on King Of The Hill (great show, btw!), did the vocals on this!

23 Umbrella (The Lindbergh Palace Radio Edit) – Rihanna
You couldn’t get away from this song a few summers ago, and why would you want to? This remix brings the song fully into the pop realm.

24 Cry For You (Radio Mix) – September
Ah, what a cool song. That cry of “you’ll never see me again!” is positively anthemic!

25 Kayitz (summer) – Ofra Haza
Hebrew for “summer,” “Kayitz” is a cute little ditty that you’ll love, even if, like me, you don’t speak Hebrew!

26 Tattva – Kula Shaker
Have yourself a psychedelic summer with this hippy-dippy tune!

27 Saturday Night Forever – Pet Shop Boys
An ode to the carefree joys of Saturday nights! Saturday nights in the summer are always worthy of celebration.

28 Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer – Nat King Cole
A absolute classic. It’s just not summer if I don’t listen to this! :D

I’ll be posting what I’ve got so far on my Summer 2009 playlist once I’ve got more songs than the few I have now! :)

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