Madonna – Give It 2 Me (Video)

Whoop! Madonna’s new video for “Give It 2 Me” has found its way to YouTube. (Holy cow, it was deleted while I was typing this post up! That was quick.)

123654My thoughts:

  • Madge looks fab (she’s been looking lovely lately – check her out at an amfAR event and at Cannes!) as she wiggles and gyrates through the video.
  • The beginning moments of the vid rather obviously echo the dance studio set of “Hung Up.”
  • Pharrell pops up every so often and at first seems to just come out of nowhere but soon it all gels.
  • The amusing yet catchy “get stupid” bit in the song is given a fair visual representation with quick edits and expressive poses from Madonna.
  • I was hoping the video would have more energy – and maybe feature Madonna doing more than pose and such – but the editing and effects give it some movement.

All in all, it’s a bit of a dull video. It’s good, but not great. I suppose M blew the budget on “4 Minutes”! But it’s OK, Madonna. We still love you! :)

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