I’m in love, woo! 2 Hearts Thoughts

By now, you’ve probably heard Kylie’s new single, ‘2 Hearts’. If not, have a look at the video. :)
And also by now, you should pretty much have figured out that KYLIE IS BACK! Yes indeedy, Ms Minogue is back and on top form. ‘2 Hearts’ is a brilliant new musical direction for Kylie – it’s pop, but a more mature, sophisticated kind of pop. My only tiny complaint is that not all of the background vocals are Kylie’s voice, but you know what? Who cares? It’s such a neat song and it’s gonna go straight to #1. :)

(Can you tell I’m a bit excited about all this? ;) )

And the video! How cool is that? Kylie looks sensational and utterly commands each frame. Welcome back, Kylie. :)

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