Deanna’s Songs of Summer 2007!

I’ve made playlists of my “songs of summer” for quite a few summers now, and I was inspired by Jennifer’s recent “Sounds of Summer 2007” playlist post (over at her excellent Music Boutique!) to put my Summer 2007 playlist online. Here we go! :)
  1. Kate Bush – Delius (Song Of Summer)
    To start the summer off right, you gotta go with Kate! From her 1980 Never For Ever album, this is an airy, light song that might bring to mind a lazy day at the beach.
  2. Girls Aloud – Sexy! No No No (Original Radio Edit)
    The Girls’ newest single and quite possibly my favorite new song of the summer! A melancholy vocoded intro leads into some grinding guitars and a heavy drumbeat – and a catchy chorus that you can’t help but sing along with! “Hell yeah!”

  3. Fall Out Boy – Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (Lenny B Short Term Memory)
    I’m not a Fall Out Boy fan, but I heard this mix on the radio and loved it. Fantastic pulsing synths and a driving beat make this an energetic summer anthem!

  4. BWO – Chariots Of Fire (Credheadz Remix Radio Edit)
    A nice, uplifting pop track is taken into epic territory with this great remix.

  5. September – Cry For You (Radio Mix)
    I’ve just started listening to September and I love her tunes! ‘Cry For You’ and its good old-fashioned disco beats and synths got stuck in my head many times this summer.

  6. Dana International – Love Boy (Radio Edit)
    Speaking of disco – Dana’s comeback single is chock full of modern boogie-oogie goodness!

  7. Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters – Destination Calabria (Original Radio Edit)
    Crystal Waters is great and it’s wonderful to hear her distinctive vocals again on a tune made for having fun at the beach! “Follow me and let’s go!”

  8. Rihanna – Umbrella (The Lindbergh Palace Radio Edit)
    One of the biggest songs of the summer gets a fabulous synth and string soaked (geddit?) remix courtesy of The Lindbergh Palace!

  9. Lisa Scott-Lee – Lately
    A fun, upbeat dance track that’s perfect listening on a hot summer night!

  10. Kula Shaker – Tattva
    I’ve just gotten into Kula Shaker and ‘Tattva’ is an excellent summery combo of pop and the “mystic East”!

  11. Candie Payne – I Wish I Could Have Loved You More
    It’s the 60s all over again with this song! Ideal for a swinging summer party or chilling under the summer stars.

  12. Dragonette – Jesus Doesn’t Love Me
    An electro-pop-rocker about “drugs, sex, rock and roll” – what more could you ask for during a long, hot summer? ;)

  13. Andain – Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Radio Mix)
    A lovely, low-key trance track from a few years back. It mixes acoustic elements with trance music sensibilities – cool!

  14. Richard Ashcroft – Break The Night With Colour
    I’m gonna get deep for a moment: I’ve loved this song since its release in 2006, but its lyrics had extra meaning for me this summer as I “move ahead”, out of a difficult past few years. Deep moment over! It’s got a nifty beat and a harpsichord, so how can you not love it? :)

  15. Emmy Rossum – Slow Me Down
    Up until I heard this tune, I knew nothing about Emmy other than that she was in the movie version of Phantom Of The Opera, and I didn’t even see that! But after hearing this song and the other two on her iTunes EP, I’m gonna make sure to listen out for her upcoming debut album! Obvious influences are Imogen Heap and Enya, but it sounds entirely new and fresh. Nice!

  16. Roisin Murphy – Overpowered (Radio Edit)
    Roisin has a fantastically striking voice and coupled with a thick electro bassline and slick beats, you have a winning formula!

  17. Billie Ray Martin – Undisco Me (Radio Edit)
    BRM’s latest single is an out of this world, ‘I Feel Love’-inspired trance tune!

  18. Kylie Minogue – Lose Control
    One of the new album demo tracks that leaked toward the beginning of the season, this hypnotic song has the potential to be a classic Kylie tune!

  19. Maroon 5 – Makes Me Wonder (Album Version)
    A fun and funky groove!

  20. Justin Timberlake – Lovestoned (Justice Remix)
    A very cool, string-laden remix of one of FutureSex/LoveSounds‘ best tracks.

  21. [BONUS] Nat King Cole – Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer
    Why is this a “bonus”? Because it’s timeless and isn’t just a song of Summer 2007, it’s simply a perennial Song of Summer! :)

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